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DoubleCheck does NOT use personalized cookies, run analytics, or collect your data in any way, shape or form.


The only exception to this is if you have directly given us your contact details (for example, by phone, email, or the contact form on this website). Even then, we will ONLY use your information to contact you; it will NEVER be sold or distributed because we believe that information belongs to you alone. If for any reason you’d like us to delete the contact details that you’ve sent us, we will make sure they are wiped clean within 30 days of your request. Please send your request to and we will take care of it for you, no questions asked.

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Confidentiality & NDAs

Whether it’s personal or business, we understand that your documents are private. No one but DoubleCheck has access to your documents, and every DoubleCheck employee signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that you can be absolutely sure your documents will not be seen by anyone else. If you have concerns about the security of your information or documents, please contact us with your questions.

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