Thailand’s first and only English quality control service, specifically designed to help Thai businesses communicate more effectively with their English audience.

Our Mission

To level up your English communication

Our mission is to empower Thai businesses to compete in an international market, by raising their English communication to the highest standard of excellence.

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Our Team

DoubleCheck is bilingual! Our founders and all of our staff and contractors can speak, read and write both English and Thai with excellence. This cross-cultural mix is part of what us allows us to communicate professionally to such a wide range of audiences.

Ben Collins

Ben has lived in Thailand for more than 15 years, working as an English teacher and English Camp coordinator. His Thai co-workers often praise him for his use of Thai idioms and his remarkably clear accent. 

Derek Porter

Derek grew up in Thailand, and has worked extensively as a translator, both English to Thai, and Thai to English. If you happen to speak Thai with Derek over the phone, you might not realize he’s a foreigner!

Steve Hazeltine

Steve studied at Rajapat University in Chiang Rai, majoring in Thai Language and Culture. His education has come in handy for both written and spoken translation for the past 7 years.

Whatever the medium, whoever the audience, DoubleCheck can help you reach your audience.

The needs of your business are every changing – DoubleCheck offers a variety of services to meet your needs no matter what stage you’re at.

Our Services

Here at DoubleCheck, we understand that the ultimate goal of translation is COMMUNICATION, and that a truly excellent translator needs to look beyond what was written, and see into the heart of what was meant. DoubleCheck offers professional, flexible translation for all your communication needs. From document translation to marketing, every translation gets edited, and DoubleChecked by a native English speaker to make sure your content is as smooth and natural in English as it was in Thai. We use translator/editor pairs meets ISO 17100:2015 translation standards – but we also exclusively use native English editors who read and write Thai, which allows them to reference the source material for maximum accuracy.

DoubleCheck’s proofreading service offers much more than spelling and grammar correction. We provide thorough copyediting, adjusting your content based on your use-case, context, and audience, in order to make sure you your message is received exactly how you intended. Your content will get checked, (and DoubleChecked!) by two native English editors to ensure all your English communication is perfect before it every reaches the public eye.

DoubleCheck’s bilingual team offers English consultation for a variety of business purposes including, marketing campaigns, product launches, company slogans, company branding, and more. If you need an English slogan, or  have one, but are unsure of how it will be received by your international audience, DoubleCheck’s international team can provide valuable insights and suggestions for how to reach your target audience more effectively.

DoubleCheck’s unique On-site Inspection service offers brick and mortar locations the ability to fix embarrassing mistakes and improve their brand image in just two steps.

1. DoubleCheck will come to your location, and digitally capture all visible English material, including signs, menus, brochures, placards, and other printed materials that is visible to the public.

2. We will provide you with a risk assessment, detailing all the mistakes, and corrections that need to be made, to avoid miscommunication and embarassment.

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