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Bilingual Editors​

DoubleCheck is proud to be the only company in Thailand that exclusively uses native English speaking proofreaders who also speak, read and write in Thai.

Adaptable Styles

Whether your project requires a smooth marketing touch or technical precision, DoubleCheck's editors will polish and tailor your content to meet your specific needs.

Native Speakers​

DoubleCheck always uses native speakers in our editing process to ensure your content is as smooth and as nuanced as you are.

Copyedit You're Content Now

Copyedit Your Content Now

Why should you only trust a native speaker with your English content?

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Clients Who Trust DoubleCheck With Copyediting

Copyediting for Documents

Whether it’s a contract, an article for a newspaper, or an essay for school, DoubleCheck has you covered. Don’t let your message be derailed by grammatical mistakes, or awkward phrasing. Far beyond proofreading, DoubleCheck’s copyediting service will rephrase and polish your content to make it sound like it was written by a native speaking professional. 

Primary Benefits:

Website Service

In this digital age, many of your customers will have their first interaction with you online. Studies like this one show visitors are 85% more likely to leave your website after only viewing one page if the site contains grammar and spelling mistakes. We will go through your website one page at time to make sure your customers aren’t turned off by mistakes, clunky phrasing, or poor word choice.

Primary Benefits:


Billboards, Videos, Flyers — You name it, we DoubleCheck it. Don’t let your quality goods or services be undermined by poor quality advertising. We’ll help leave your potential customers captivated instead of confused. When you’re paying for expensive ad campaigns, you need to be sure that your message is hitting home with your target audience — and when you need to be sure, be sure to DoubleCheck.

Primary Benefits:

Social Media

Whether you’re building your personal brand or managing social media for a large company, we understand how important it is to put your best foot forward. DoubleCheck will review and make suggestions on your posts, tweets, promotions, and any other social media content before you put it out for the world to see. Additionally, some social media platforms restrict advertisements with poor grammar or spelling. We guarantee that will never happen with us, or your money back. Let us help you make sure your voice is not only heard, but also understood.

Primary Benefits:

Thailand's #1 Copyediting Service

As Thailand’s leading copyediting service, there is no one better equipped to help your business more effectively communicate with your English speaking audience. Good communication is the cornerstone of a successful businesses, and unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to publish high quality content if you’re not a native speaker of that language.  That is precisely where DoubleCheck comes in. Our team of meticulous proofreaders and copyeditors exists to ensure that all of your business communication needs are met with precision and professionalism. 

DoubleCheck understands that even a slight shift in wording can significantly affect how your customers perceive your brand and company’s credibility. DoubleCheck’s copyediting service goes well beyond surface level error correction that you might find with a regular proofreader; our team will fix mistakes, smooth out awkward phrasing, and re-write unnatural sentences to make sure you sound like the seasoned professional you are. Stop worrying about English, and get back to doing what you do best.


English copyediting starts at 500/page, which includes review by two native English speaking editors. Presentations, pitch decks, and other infographic material starts from 200 baht per slide. For an exact price or for custom projects, please reach out to us for a quote.

4 days for a document that is 4 pages or less. Add 1 day for every additional 3 pages. We offer express and rush turnaround times as well. 

Absolutely. Your privacy is important to us. Customer files will not be shared with anyone, unless you explicitly ask us to bring someone into the loop. No one outside of DoubleCheck will have access to your documents and all of our employees sign confidentiality agreements.

We accept payment via QR Code and bank transfers within Thailand. Payment instructions will be included on your invoice.

DoubleCheck can provide copyediting for any kind of content. Here are a few common types:

  • Websites
  • Social Media Posts
  • Brochures
  • Documents
  • Pitch Decks

In addition to copyediting Doublecheck provides translation, on-site inspections, and consulting services to Thai companies who want to reach their English speaking audiences more effectively.

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