7 Reasons Why You Should Use Business Translation Services

According to one survey, many organizations spend more than one million baht per year on business translation services. As a large number of businesses are entering the foreign market, clear, cross-cultural communication is becoming increasingly important. Business translation services cover a wide scope of duties like proofreading, editing, and translating all kinds of content, including documents, websites and subtitles for videos.


Language Skill

The most critical part of any translation service is the proficiency of the translator. Of course, every translator should be fluent in their language pair, but true fluency entails more than just being able to read or speak the language. It is necessary to understand the structure and grammar of the language, as well as how to adapt the translation to fit your specific context or your project’s goals.

Tools and Experience

Simply put, companies that use native speakers for translation can offer much higher quality output than those who use machine translation. In addition to poor understanding of slang, nuance and context, machine translations lack the cultural expertise to adapt a message for a specific people group or audience.

Excellent translation and localization require expertise outside the field of linguistics; they require cultural adaptation that can only be done by translators who are experienced with the language AND the culture of the target audience. Ironically, a successful translation does not sound or feel like a translation at all — which is why Doublecheck exclusively uses native language translators and editors for all our projects.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Business Translation Services

#1 Editing and Proofreading

(A good) business translation guarantees that all documents are accurately translated by a professional translator who is a native speaker and well acquainted with the local idioms, maxims, and tone of voice of the language.

#2 Turnaround Time

Professional translators are incredibly efficient at their jobs, which simplifies and expedites the entire process. DoubleCheck will help you stay within your project’s timeline without having to sacrifice any quality of work.

#3 More Effective Communication

Due to globalization, your organization is likely to deal with overseas partners and clients. Business translation services operate using global standards which help make sure your intended meaning is clearly understood, even when communicating with clients from other countries and cultures. Communication is the heart of any organization’s image; don’t let poor translation damage your company’s global reputation!

#4 Market Adaptation and Increased Global Reach

Localization and translation services can be used to customize marketing materials for a specific locale. Adding additional locales is one straight-forward way to increase your company’s global reach.

#5 Increased Online Presence

With the help of professional website translation, you can build and increase your online visibility and presence. This will result in cross-border expansion as it opens the door to different languages and cultures, ensuring more revenue for your business.

#6 Industry Specific Knowledge

A good professional translation agency will have access to native translators with industry-specific knowledge. This is particularly beneficial when translating documents for new sectors or markets. A qualified translator can help improve the quality of your translation by using the market-specific terminology and other technical terms that might be missing from a freelancer’s translation.

#7 Ability to Translate Complex and Multilingual Projects

Professional translation agencies have the experience and expertise to manage complex and multilingual projects. Familiarity with CAT tools enables efficient project management, even with multi-faceted projects. A professional translation agency will rely on a network of translators which allows them to select the right translator, with the right experience to handle your project. This is crucial when translating multilingual documents for a single project.

When working with professional translation agencies, you can be confident that experienced translators are handling the project, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Additionally, the company will take care of any necessary formatting, to ensure the translation matches the look and feel of the original.

DoubleCheck provides consulting and translation services for Thai companies wanting to more effectively communicate with their English-speaking audiences. Whether it’s on your website, billboard, video, flyers or social media, DoubleCheck’s services ensure that all your public facing English content is mistake free, so that you can avoid any potential public embarrassment. We’re ready to help you reach your target audience, increase your effective reach, and most importantly, help protect and bolster your brand image. To learn more, visit our website at doublecheck.co.th

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