7 Tips for Choosing the Best Translation Company

Professional translators can work on complex projects and provide accurate translations in a timely manner.  But translating isn’t easy, and not just anyone can do it.  Being bilingual doesn’t equal having the skills needed to translate documents or websites accurately. 

If you frequently require translation services, you should find a language service provider that can meet your needs.  Choosing the right translation company for your needs is essential if you want consistent professional translations delivered on time, so do your research before making a decision.  Here are some tips that will help you to select the best translation company.


1. Pinpointing your needs

Before hiring a translation company, you must pinpoint your needs for the project. Are you needing to translate a regular document or a specific document that may require specialized vocabulary? This is because some types of documents require translation specialists who are familiar with legal work or other specific areas. Document translation is different from interpretation, so pinpointing your needs will be very helpful when starting out with a translation services provider. Knowing these specific needs prior to making a decision will help the selection of translation services provider. Once a translation company is chosen, you can pivot to focusing more on your business.

2. Quality and experience

Next thing to look out for is the quality and experience of the company. With a document translation service, you tend do see their quality of work in speed, accuracy, attention to detail, and proper grammar and vocabulary usage. Reputable translation companies often employ professional managers and translators who are effective in their specialties, and the main people that influence quality are the professional proofreaders and editors.

3. Consider the company’s translation and revision process

If you want a high-quality document translation, you should find out about the translation company‘s process. Do they use people or computer translation? While translation technology has greatly improved, some words or phrases still can’t be translated by computers. Whether a company uses software or human translators for an initial translation, they should have a thorough revision process to ensure the quality of their translations. Localized document translation is also something the company should be able to handle. For example, a translation may need to be more personalized if your audience is based in a specific country.

4. Check out reviews and ask for recommendations

To ensure that you hire a reliable professional company for your document translation, you need to see what kind of experience other’s have had with the company. You can start by looking at their testimonials on their website. But of course, a company is only going to put positive reviews on its website, so try to do a bit more research on other reviews to help you come to a decision. Another way is to contact companies that have worked with them before to ask about their experience.

5. Find out the timeline and budget

One thing to look for in reviews is whether or not the translation company you’re considering delivers on time. A translation project will take some time to complete, reputable companies may have many projects lined up. So, before you hire a company, ask them how much time your project will take to complete.

You should also consider the translation company’s pricing. If you have a tight budget, it might be worth it to get a few quotations from different translation companies and find one that fits your budget. Freelance translators also tend to have lower rates, but be cautious if you decide to go this route. Make sure you choose a freelancer with a good reputation and credentials to back them up.

6. Look for companies that have a network of native translators

You should look for a translation company that has a network of native translators, this will ensure the best results and services. Translation companies employing native speakers tend to produce higher-quality work and in higher volumes because they are already familiar with various industries and topics.

7. Confidentiality and privacy safety

Information is one of the greatest assets to companies, and protecting it benefits both businesses and customers. When selecting a translation company, one of the primary requirements should be secure information storage to prevent confidential information about the company and its clients from falling into the wrong hands or being lost.

To meet the expectations of your customers and partners in fluent communication, you should choose the right translation company. If you’re looking for a document translation service, please consider contacting DoubleCheck. We provide consulting and translation services by native English speakers, designed to help your Thai business communicate skillfully with English speaking audiences. Whether on your website, billboard, video, flyers or social media, our translation service will ensure that all the English in the materials you produce are perfect, and avoid the risk of public embarrassment. We use nuanced language tailored to your target audience, increasing your effective reach, and most importantly, helping to bolster and protect your brand image. You can visit our website at https://doublecheck.co.th

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