5 Reasons Why Legal Document Translation Needs Professionals

Legal document translation is crucial for businesses that work with people who use different languages. Legal translation and legalization may be necessary for reasons such as getting approval for a business license, merging one business with another, or hiring foreign employees. In addition, individuals may need contracts, academic transcripts, medical certificates, and other certificates.

If your business needs to translate legal documents, the best way to avoid risks is to use certified legal translation services. In this blog, we will discuss documents that require legalization and 5 reasons why legal document translation needs professionals.

รับแปลเอกสาร พร้อมรับรอง

Legal documents that require legalized translation

There are no set rules in place regarding when or which legal documents require legalized translations. However, government offices, law firms, and agencies in Bangkok and other provinces, often require legalized translation that are certified to verify their authenticity, e.g.

  • Migration and Nationality
  • Company litigation
  • Law or contracts

5 Reasons Why Legal Document Translation Needs Professionals

1. Legal translations require specific knowledge

Legal documents usually contain words and phrases that the typical person does not know or understand. Furthermore, the content of legal documents is specific, and if you are not a law specialist, you may not even understand it even if it is written in your native language. Furthermore, document translations must be accurate in the same legal context as the original document.

To ensure accuracy, translations should be written by someone with a strong understanding of legal language and context, both in the source document’s language and the translation language. This combination of required specialties requires professional legal document translation services.

2. Legal translations must be a certain format

Many legal documents have standard elements and formats that must be accurately translated. Legal disclaimers, terms, provisions, and revisions, for example, all require precise translations to assure the document is trustworthy. Legal specialists that provide legal document translation and legalization work with these documents on a regular basis and can easily spot mistakes or inconsistencies that can complicate any legal process.

3. Legal translations require certification

With translated legal documents, government agencies, courts, and businesses in Thailand will require those documents to be lagalized for accuracy. Legalization benefits both sides of the legal process because it offers the assurance of accuracy to the courts, government agencies, and document owners.

Legal translation and legalization services help eliminate problems that can disrupt business proceedings for organizations and individuals receiving these documents. It decreases the risk of legal issues resulting from inaccuracies and errors because of a poor translation.

4. Localization is required for legal translations

Minor errors in document translation might cause major problems if the legitimacy of legal documents is questioned. Lawyers and other professionals may attempt to twist phrases, or even individual words, to examine the intentions of a legal document.

Localization plays an important role in the production of legal translations that are read by foreign audiences. Not localizing may lead to unintended political or cultural connotations, which may offend the reader or even completely discredit the business legal document.

5. Legal translation mistakes can bring serious consequences

When producing document translations, the risk of inaccuracies in legal translations should always be considered. Depending on the type of legal document being translated and the kind of mistake created during translation, inaccuracies can have severe consequences for an individual or business.

You could find yourself or your business facing financial penalties, court disputes, contested lawsuits, or criminal charges resulting from these document translation errors. If you’re lucky, such errors might just lead to delays created by having to have those documents retranslated.

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