9 Important Tips for Translating Foreign Language Documents

In today’s globalized business world, document translation is crucial in any industry. That is because businesses are constantly striving to reach as many markets as possible. This includes not only translating Thai documents into English but also other languages.

Document translation requires clear, effective writing that is grammatically correct. This article will cover 9 crucial tips to make translating English documents easier for you!

แปลเอกสาร ไทยเป็นอังกฤษ

#1 Read the Document Thoroughly before Starting

Before translating Thai documents to English or any other language, be sure to read the source text thoroughly and carefully. Make sure that you comprehend what the source text is communicating. Pay attention to every word and every sentence to understand the objective of the text and its context, tone, and style.

#2 Have your Tools Prepared

A good bilingual dictionary is an excellent tool for document translation. Even if you know the literal translation of the vocabulary used, it is important to research alternative vocabulary and select the best option based on the feeling and style of the original document.

#3 Keep Sentences Brief When Writing for Translation

To speed up the document translation process, you should aim for sentences of around 20 words or less. This length prevents the content from getting overly complicated. This makes the content of the document suitable for translation. Reading your sentences aloud might help you determine whether they are simple and readable.

#4 Choose Suitable Sentence Structures

Using simple, predictable sentence structures will help you avoid errors in document translation. Whether that is marketing materials, legal documents, websites, scientific or medical content translation, or any other type of translation, when proper grammar, punctuation, and structure are used, content can be translated faster and more cost-effectively.

#5 Use Consistent Terms for Concepts

Synonyms may be encouraged in other types of writing, but they are difficult when translating documents from Thai to English. Use one consistent term for the same concept. This will help you avoid errors and questions during the translation process. It will also lower the cost and turnaround time for document translation.

#6 Be Clear When Using Dates and Time

Many countries document dates and times in a variety of formats. Because this information is crucial, the source text must clearly state the dates and times. In some cases, unclear dates and times cause problems. To avoid ambiguity, consider these tips:

  • Spell out the month’s name or use a correct abbreviation if there are space constraints.
  • Add in words like “afternoon, morning, or evening” if they help clarify.

#8 Choose the Active Voice instead of the Passive When Writing for Translation

Your text will be simpler to translate when you write in the active voice. This method makes your sentences shorter and clearer. Which helps avoid any errors or confusion in document translation. For example,

“The software was upgraded by the user.” vs. “The user upgraded the software.” The second sentence is shorter and clearer. Translators and the target audience will have no questions about what happened, who took action, or what object was acted upon.

#8 Remove Phrasal Verbs

Remove phrasal verbs from the documents you intend to translate. Phrasal verbs may complicate translation since they frequently have many meanings. They are also less appealing due to their informality. Phrasal verbs are usually two or three words long.

#9 Focus on Translation Accuracy

Accuracy is an excellent quality for a translator. However, we often try to choose nouns and verbs that better convey the concept. Adjectives and adverbs that determine the content’s accuracy are often not noted. Adjectives and adverbs are essentially words that serve to distinguish parts of speech. Although they are short, they can influence the reader’s thinking. As a result, you should always strive to acquire more knowledge about vocabulary. This will help you understand the vocabulary while also conveying accurate information.

When you have done the translation, DoubleCheck the spelling and grammar before submitting it. Also, try reading the content aloud to see that it is consistent; if there are any errors, correct them quickly.

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